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27 November 2003
ngabwI' has developed a Windows program that allows you to play Klin Zha over the internet. It's similar to Kavok's TCL-based program listed above but it's a compact 738kb in size. It features move logging, playback, move takeback and even e-mail support.

  • Download KlinZhaBoard 3.0 here.

  • 9 October 2003
    I've been contacted by the Italian Klin Zha Society. I had heard about these guys some time ago but had never been able to actually get in contact with them. They've go a website at http://www33.brinkster.com/klinzha/

    5 July 2003
    DloraH has written a Klin Zha application for the PocketPC. You can't play against the computer, but the board is semi-intelligent and it checks the legality of certain moves.

    3 February 2003
    veSbe' of the Khemorex Klinzhai sent me this picture of their playtesting a 3-D board at a qepHom in Saarbrücken, Luxembourg. Once they have worked out the variation rules, they will send them and I will post them.

    Also, several multi-lever versions of klin zha have been added to the Variants page. They are not for the full tertrahedral board that veSbe' was playing on, but it's a start.
    8 December 2002
    Peter Kis did the original mirror for TAKZH into German. Unfortunately, some time ago, his website disappeared and apparently so did he. All this without my having a copy of his site. Well, I finally found someone who had a mirror of his mirror. I've grabed the code and, thanks to the House of DarkH at http://www.darkh.de/klinzha/klinindex.htm, the klin zha rules in German are again available.
    October 2002
    veSbe' in Germany has been kind enough to send me a klin zha set she made that's based on the mystery set that veQma told me about. So, veQma in Germany got a set. She sent me pictures which I posted on TAKZH. veSbe' saw them and made copies. And I still don't know who did the design originally.
    7 July 2002
    The Klin Zha Homepage has moved to a new domain. If you haven't corrected any links on your page, change it to:

    December 2001
    John M. Ford, author of "The Final Reflection", has scored a major victory in his battle against a long term illness and has finally received a long-awaited kidney transplant. TAKZH wishes him success with his new internal organs.
    20 April 2000

    Jean-Louis Cazaux has written a book on chess variants called "Guide des éches exotiques & insolites." It's all in french but it does have a reprint of the rules for Klin Zha. I believe it is the first time the rules have been presented in a major published book instead of just magazines and fanzines. Jean-Louis has been kind enough to allow TAKZH to reprint the text of his rules on Klin Zha en Français

    20 July 1999
    Kveld Q'Kadrak sutai-Azhir has sent me some terrific pictures of her Klin Zha set that was featured in the original "Agonizer: Klin Zha" supplement of Spring of 1992. Check out Kveld's Klin Zha Gallery along with the other sets featured in our regular Klin Zha Gallery.
    24 April 1999
    TAKZH Webmaster Kordite taught a Klin Zha class at the Camp Dover Peace Conference in New Philadelphia. There were only a dozen or so in attendance but it's the first formal presentation of the game at Dover for some time. The hope is that at next year's event there will be a large number of people playing Klin Zha.
    March 1999
    An article on Klin Zha written by Lex Kraaijeveld appears in the Spring issue of the British Chess Variants Society publication "Variant Chess." He thinks it's even better than "the most famous fictional chess variant, Jetan."
    25 January 1999
    TAKZH has been added to the Klingon section of TrekSearch.com.
    29 December 1998
    TAKZH has been named one of the Admiral's Choice sites at the Renegade's TrekList.

    14 December 1998
    The Authorized Klin Zha Homepage is now a Fek'lhr Approved Site. If the Fek'lhr is playing Klin Zha, you should be, too.

    13 September 1998
    The Klin Zha Homepage has undergone a major renovation to better serve the community. All the great content is still here but (hopefully) presented in a manner that's easier to navigate.

    Also, Tommy's Toys, in cooperation with TAKZH presents Tommy's Klin Zha. A computer version of the game with a computer opponent. Copies are available for the low, low price of $6 from Tommy's Toys.

    28 July 1998
    Beta testing of Tommy's Toys Klin Zha program begins.

    27 June 1998
    I spend a weekend at a Klingon camping event with John "Mike" Ford as the guest. Mike is presented with a beautiful Klin Zha set and, though I don't get a chance to sit down and talk with him, I do get his e-mail address and follow up.

    7 February 1998
    Kavok with TrekMuse presents the Tcl program tlhInSa, a program for playing Klin Zha over an Internet TCP/IP connection.

    30 January 1998
    The Warriors' Forum chatroom is added to TAKZH.
    January 1998
    The rules for Klin Zha, copied with permission from TAKZH, are reprinted in "De Nieuwsbrief van Casus Belli," a gaming newsletter in the Netherlands.

    October 1997
    Peter Kis in Switzerland puts up the TAKZH German Translation mirror site.

    September 1997
    Andrea Sanavia in Italy puts up the TAKZH Italian translation mirror site

    1 March 1997
    The Klin Zha set photo gallery is added to TAKZH.

    17 February 1997
    The list of Klin Zha Opponants is added to TAKZH.

    21 December 1996
    The Authorized Klin Zha Homepage is created.

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