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"On a small table next to the bed was a klin zha set. The pieces were of heavy green and amber stone - jade and quartz, Vrenn guessed, having heard of those materials. The board was of black enamel, with inlaid brass strips marking off the spaces. Vrenn looked at it for a long time, not touching it, then opened his brown envelope and slid its contents out onto the table: a triangular piece of heavy card, and some disks of soft wood."

"The Final Reflection" (pg 58)

[Korath's Board] This is Korath's original Klin Zha board. Made of wood with tape to mark the edges of the spaces, it is covered with protective glass and framed. The pieces are painted wood cabinet knobs, yellow, green and a combination of colors for the Reflective game. The spindles are painted pencils with gold-painted notches cut in them to represent the rolls.

This is my first board. It is made of foam board 19 inches across a side with pieces a touch over an inch in diameter. The board is cut in thirds for easier transportation. [Basic board]

[Classroom board] This board is shown hanging in front of my garage. (Don't mind the mess.) It's made from some sort of curtain material salvaged from Skibo Hall on Carnegie-Mellon's campus before it was demolished. It stands nearly 7 feet high and the the triangles are painted on. The pieces are each 5 inches across and made of foam board with velcro on the back to hold them to the board. Ihave used it for teaching a classroom and would make the championship game in a Klin Zha tournament visible to the spectating masses.

[Iisem's Pieces] These are some very nice sculpted pieces by Niese iisemeishin-ahn. They are made from a material called Granitex or Sculpey III. It's worked like clay and then baked to hardness.
[Piece Designs]
Click here for full image.

[DloraH's board] [DloraH's board]
This is a very attractive set with pieces made of turned wood made by DloraH. The tribble-skin carrying pouch is very fashionable. The third picture shows a combination leather board and carrying pouch. [DloraH's board]

[Kveld's board] This is a set by Kveld Q'Kadrak sutai-Azhir. It was featured in the original "Agonizer: Klin Zha" supplement of Spring of 1992. The pieces are finely detailed and hand painted pewter, approximately 2 inches on a side. Even the undersides of the pieces have details. There were only a limited number of sets produced. This particular set was presented to John M. Ford in 1998 as a gift at the Year Games. I have received some pictures from her and have made a separate page for them. Click here or click on the picture to the left.

[Hexagonal Pieces]
This board is made of three, slightly irregular pieces that interlock without interrupting the spaces. It is made of stained wood, 20 inches on a side with the spaces engraved and painted.

The pieces are cast aluminum, an inch and a quarter across and just under half an inch thick, hand-painted with the piece symbols. The pattern for the pieces were plaster "cargo pods" for miniature wargames from a company called Stoneweyrks.
[Kordite's Board]

[Eldar Fencer] [Eldar Lancer]
[Eldar Vanguard]
[Eldar Blockader]
This set is from Citadel's Warhammer 40,000 line of miniatures. Mostly Eldar, to the left are: Fencer/ Warlock w/ Witchblade (although the Dire Avenger Exarch would be better), Lancer/ Fire Dragon Exarch, Vanguard/ Fire Dragon and Blockader/ Warp Spider. To the right are: Swift/ Callidus Assassin and Flier/ Swooping Hawk. I have both a Gold and a Green set.
[Eldar Swift]
[Eldar Flier]

This is a travel set of Klin Zha. The board is only 8 inches on a side and the pieces are hand painted golf tees. One problem, though, is that the paint doesn't like to stick to the tees and has a tendancy to flake off. If I were to make another (or if you want to try) I would use a primer first or the plastic tees. [Travel Set]

[Space Ranger Flier] This miniature set is made of Space Ranger figures. All the figures, excepting the Fencer, were identical with different weapons and packs that plug on. I modified the Swift to have a much smaller weapon and lighter armor, I cut the fliers off the base and raised them up a half an inch using a nail, and I dremmeled and puttied the head of the Fencer to make it distinctly Klingon. [Space Ranger Fencer]

[Lex Kraaijeveld's Set] Lex Kraaijeveld of the British Chess Variants Society wrote an article for the society's spring 1999 issue of "Variant Chess". He says of the game, "Klin Zha has several things to offer the chess variant enthusiast. Although fictional in origin, it is undoubtedly a playable chess variant in its own right; in my opinion even more so that the most famous fictional chess variant, Jetan (from Edgar Rice Burrough's "Chessmen of Mars")".

[Termagant] I have yet another set (my 7th!) made of Tyranid Warhammer 40,000 figures from Citadel. I call it my "Kinshaya" set. Each nasty alien is distinctive and clearly recognizable for the Klin Zha piece it represents. A Ripper Swarm are Vanguards, a Biovore Cannon is the Blockader, winged Gargoyles are Fliers, a Hormagaunt is the Fencer. The only possible confusion are between the Lancer and Swift, each made of Termagants but the Lancer with a longer Fleshborer rifle. This set is red to compliment the blue Space Rangers. [Hormagaunt]

Lazarus of Mystic Moldwyrks, the one who originally designed the hexagonal "cargo pods" I used for my first metal klin zha board, has designed his own klin zha set. Though it is a prototype, it is looking very good.

The board is made of hydrostone and is very sturdy. I believe the pieces are also in hydrostone with a coloring added to the mixture to produce the marbling effect.

[Claws of Power Set] I really like this one. The pieces are (clockwise from the top) Flier, Fencer, Blockader, Lancer, Vanguard and Swift with the Goal clearly in the center. One veQma sent me a picture saying she had received it as a gift. You can see that the movements of each piece are clearly marked and the carrier pieces can easily "carry" the Goal.

veQma, says she got it as a gift from someone who got it from someone in Germany. I wasn't able to find out who the person is who originally designed this but veSbe', coincidentally in Germany, saw them on this website and has made a copy. One of which she sent me. From Germany to the US, back to Germany and then back to the US.

veSbe' made this very nice travel set using those glass "dollups" commonly found in craft stores. Each piece is less than 2 cm across and with the board folded up it all fits in a box not much larger than a deck of playing cards.

Click Here for Full Image
Click here for full image.
I have yet another set of pieces using Warhammer 40,000 miniatures. These will be using the Battle Sisters from the Imperium line. From left to right: the Callidus Assassin as the Swift, Battle Sister Icon Bearer as the Lancer, Seraphim Battle Sisters as Fliers, the Sister Superior w/ sword will be the Fencer, Battle Sisters at Vanguards and the Battle Sister with the Heavy Flamer as the Blockader. I'm really not very good at painting with shading and flesh tones so I hired a friend of mine to paint them for me.

But, klin zha players in Europe have beat me to it. veSbe' of the Khemorex Klinzhai sent me this picture of their playtesting a 3-D board at a qepHom in Saarbrücken, Luxembourg. Once they have worked out the variation rules, they will send them and I will post them.

Here is Karn at BayCon 2002 with a traditional set consisting of a leather board and wooden disks.

The Italian Klin Zha Society has a set made with lead ship miniatures originally for FASA's Star Trek Role Playing Game.

And here are several more sets from the Italian Klin Zha Society.

jotmoS of the Khemorex Klinzhai in Germany produced this set. The wooden board is flapable and connected with leather. All black lines and the edge are made with a woodburning pen. jotmoS colored the pieces made by veSbe'. The case is leather and cellular rubber.

Click Here for Full Image
Click here for full image.
Norman Schwartz has built a 9-leveled board for the 3-D version of Klin Zha. He tells me that he trolled e-Bay for the old FASA 18mm figures to complete the set. Those were tough to find even when FASA was still in business so he paid dearly for them.
Click Here for Full Image
Click here for full image.

HoD Torg (Paul Weintraub) made several Klin Zha boards from high strength airplane plastic. The pieces are made of wood and painted in the traditional Green and Gold.
Set by HoD Torg

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