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Virtual Community It can sometime be difficult to find someone to play Klin Zha so here are a group of players willing to join you in a game over the internet.

Gallery You can't play Klin Zha with your little paper scraps forever. Get some ideas from these very nice sets. Once you've been inspired, send the Webmaster pictures of your set.

Krankor's Klin Zha MUSH Krankor is frequently on the MUSH known as TinyTIM (or just TIM for short), where he has built a Klin Zha board and is always up for a good game. You can get to TinyTIM by telnetting to yay.tim.org 5440. Another way to get to TIM is via the web site: http://www.tim.org, which includes a thingy you can click on to get to TIM itself. Krankor is usually on the game under the name of R'nice. If you are new to MUSH's, you can use the WHO command to get a list of connected players to see if he's there-- just type WHO (all uppercase). To tell him you're looking for a game of Klin Zha, use the page command: page R'nice = I'm looking for a game of Klin Zha. Or you could even try it in Klingon: page Krankor = tlhInSa' vIQujrup.

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