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Knight Errant
[Icon]Heroing done reasonable. No job too large. No job too small. Dragons exterminated by contract. Questing, maiden-rescuing, Golden Fleece located night and day.

Help Desk Specialist, Alternative Resources Corp.
As part of a long-term contract with PNC, I am doing phone support for their PCs and other information technology. I'm also doing training of help desk staff.

I serve the Klingon Assault Group as Capt. Kordite, head of KAG's E-Corps and Commanding Officer of the IKV Dark Justice..

I maintain The Authorized Klin Zha Homepage. Klin Zha is a Klingon game, much like Chess, created by John Ford in the novel "The Final Reflection." My friend and comrade Korath wrote rules that became the standard in Klingon fandom.

I also maintain the webpage for the Camp Dover Peace Conference, one of the best attended, fan-cons of the year.

Kevin's Webpages
  • Kevin's Mountain of URLs
  • Kevin's Resume
  • Ingenium: Trebs & Paintball
  • Ninja Burger RPG Homepage
  • GPS/Geocaching Adventures
  • Webcam Experiment Page
  • Captain Kordite
  • House Tasighor
  • ELINT Fleet
  • IKV Dark Justice
  • Kordite's Metal Things
  • Klin Zha Homepage
  • Soldiers of the Quake Empire
  • Dover Peace Conference
  • Metalsmith
    [metalsmith]At the science center (a former employer), I learned the art and skill of metal casting. While I no longer have access to the full scale foundry facilities I once cast aluminum with, I am working towards the goal of building such a thing. You can see some of my work here at Kordite's Metal Things.

    Siege Engineer
    [Icon]For a science center project (again, my former employment), I built several trebuchets, medieval siege engines. I've posted detailed construction plans and they are very popular on the web.

    Science Fiction Author
    I enjoy writing and am told I write well. Here are some examples:
    Sitting on a publisher's desk somewhere

    "This is a spear. . ."

    "Express Delivery"

    "Alien vs. Klingon"

    "Self Portrait"

    Daughter of Kroft"
    [Dr. Strangelove]
    Dr. Strangelove
    Klingon Warrior
    [Idea Man]
    Idea Man,
    arch villans from
    "The Tick"
    [Professor Chromedome]
    Professor Chromedome,
    also from "The Tick"
    Ninja Burger
    Delivery Shinobi
    Sheridan KP-3
    I own a vintage Sheridan KP-3 pump rifle with a 4 power scope (pictured at right), a Sheridan PGP as a backup sidearm and a Spyder Compact. View my armory here.

    Other things I do
    Version 3.12
    GIT$ d- s: a C++$ U P? L>++ E--- W+++ N+ o? K? w+(---) O- !M-- V-
    PS+ PE Y+>++ PGP>++ t+++@ 5+++ X+ R+ tv b++ DI++++
    D++ G+ e++ h---- r+++ y++++>*
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