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Software Downloads

Real Time - On Line Kavok and his comrades at TrekMuse have written a Tcl program for playing Klin Zha over a TCP/IP connection to the Internet. You will require both the programs below. Install tcl81a1 and then unzip tlhInSa.zip into it's own directory. Executing the extracted tlhInSa.tcl will run the program. For play over the internet you will need to know one of the IP addresses of the players.

The program boots up with a 600x800 screen. This may be too large. If so, you'll need to edit the code. Open tlhInSa.tcl in something like Notepad, Wordpad or MSWord (whatever makes it look clean and easy to read). Look near the end of the program for a line of code that says # For testing, ignore. Remove the #'s from the block of lines that follow that statement and save. The program will boot up with a 640x480 board.
  • Download tcl81a1.exe (2.06Mb) from Spiderplant
  • Download tcl81a1.exe (2.06Mb) from Sunsite
  • Download tcl81a1.exe (2.06Mb) from Riksun

  • Download tlhInSa-win32.zip (248Kb)

  • Tommy's Klin Zha In cooperation with the Internet-based computer game business Tommy's Toys, TAKZH presents a full feature Klin Zha computer game for Windows. Two players, one player against a computer opponent, game logging, and archived game playback.
  • Download the Shareware Version.
  • Secure Order the Full Version for $6.

  • Zillions of Games The Zillions of Games company has a universal software package for playing all sorts of board games and someone has also come up with a file to play Klin Zha. I haven't investigated the details or ordered the full version of the game (approximately $40) but once I've investigated it further I'll post more details.
  • Download the Klin Zha RTF file.

  • Klin Zha for PocketPC DloraH has written a Klin Zha application for the PocketPC. You can't play against the computer, but the board is semi-intelligent and it checks the legality of certain moves.
  • Visit DloraH's Download page.

  • KlinZhaBoard 3.0 ngabwI' has developed a Windows program that allows you to play Klin Zha over the internet. It's similar to Kavok's TCL-based program listed above but it's a compact 738kb in size. It features move logging, playback, move takeback and even e-mail support.
  • Download KlinZhaBoard 3.0 here.

  • Boards and pieces Click on the icons below to see, download and print sample pieces and boards that can be cut out and used to play klin zha right away.

    [Introductary Pieces] These pieces are marked with the names of each piece. They are also shaped differently; thus the Goal is a circular piece and any Carrier piece (the Vanguards, Fencer and Lancer) is also circular. The Blockader is triangular to remind the player of its unique zone of control.

    [Korath's Pieces] These are the pieces as originally designed by Korath and the illustrations for the pieces used throughout TAKZH. Note that the symbols can aid the player in remembering the piece's movements.

    The Fencer has three curved "brush strokes", representing a move of three in any direction or combination. The Swift has four strokes. The Lancer has three projections off it but on a straight section; move three straight. The Blockader has two crossing strokes with the "X" denoting the exclusive zone-of-control. The Flier has only five strokes instead of six but the winged shape should be a pretty good reminder of its capabilities.

    [Board] The Klin Zha board can be divided into three sections, allowing the board to take up less storage space. This GIF will, of course, need to be printed out three times.

    Zipped Rules This zipped file contains complete rules, a board section, pieces and a shameless plug for TAKZH. Print this out, make copies, and pass them out to anyone that's interested in playing Klin Zha. It is formatted for MSWord.
    Rules in Text-Only For those without MSWord, here are the same rules as text.

    http://www.tasigh.org/takzh/download.html -- Revised: 6 June 2009
    Rules for the game Klin Zha Copyright © 1989 by Leonard B. Loyd, Jr.
    Copyright © 2003-2009 Kevin A. Geiselman