Captain Kordite sutai-Tasighor

Commander of KAG's E-Corps
Commanding Officer of IKV Dark Justice
Proctor of House Tasighor
Author of Fiction and Commentary
Webmaster of The Authorized Klin Zha Homepage
Webmaster of The Camp Dover Homepage
Weapon and Metal Smith
Imperial Spy and Assassin

"I joined the crew of the Dark Justice in 1992 as Intelligence Officer and quickly rose in both rank and position to be Commander Kerge's second in command. I then moved on to found and administer The Authorized Klin Zha Homepage and the homepage for the Camp Dover Peace Conference. In 1998 I accepted command of the Klingon Assault Group's ELINT Fleet and in 2002 I passed that on to another to take command of KAG's E-Corps. Creative talents include writing (both fiction and non-fiction) and the metal casting of medals and weapons."

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The Authorized Klin Zha Homepage
The source for the Klingon game of Klin Zha, inspired by John Ford's novel "The Final Reflection" and realized by Korath.

Writing Projects


"Alien vs. Klingon"

"Self Portrait"

Daughter of Kroft"

Kordite's Metal Things
"At one time I worked at the Carnegie Science Center. The Carnegie is the only science center in the United States with a working foundry, a testament to Pittsburgh's metal crafting heritage. I was encouraged to do new and interristing things and naturally migrated to making Klingon medals, pins, weapons and other miscelania. A new manager changed that because she didn't like the way things were so, eventually, I got fired for doing things the way I had been trained and encouraged. Kordite's Metal Things died."
"I am exploring the possibility of constructing a furnace and foundry in my back yard to start making metal things again. Stay tuned."

Gallery of Art Depicting Kordite
"Half of the lies. . . " "That guy with the whip"
by Tinoh sutai-Klaada
"Anime Con Id Badge"
by Robert DeJesus

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