In Remembrance of Jane Boddy (1988-1997)


Like a meteor, she blazed across a backdrop of night,
bringing light and exuberance where once there was but darkness.
Alas, not unlike that transient streak of brilliance, she is gone too soon.
And so, we cry out to the heavens.
We cry for the pain of her passing.
We cry for the joy the touch of her life brought us.
We cry through the tears that mean all things.
With power and with singular voice, we cry.
So that the stars never forget
the one who graced their meager presence but for a moment.

Jane, the daughter of KSF Admiral Vixis (Jo Boddy), died of complications from a particularly virulent flu on 17 January 1997. Her passing leaves an empty space in each life she touched, including my own, though I only knew her brifly.

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