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When I was younger, I would hike, camp, hunt and even fish occasionally. College and career took most of that away from me but then I discovered Geocaching. This high tech treasure hunt has gotten me back out into the woods including bicycling and hiking.

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Kordite bike riding in late winter.

Kordite's BikeBlog : Adventures on a bicycle.

Trails Hiked, Biked and Geocaches Found
Found as of 30 April 2006

Lessons Learned while Geocaching
  1. Don't eat a big, maple syrup smothered breakfast before setting out into the woods. (GC9B5E)
  2. Pack toilet paper before setting out into the woods. (GC9B5E)
  3. US Military "Jungle" boots are too flexable for rocky terrain. Buy rigid-soled hiking boots. (GC281C)
  4. US Military "Jungle" boots do not protect your ankles from rock edges and ankle-twisting holes. Buy rigid-soled, over-the-ankle hiking boots. (GC281C)
  5. Go back the way you came. (GC281C)
  6. Take a change of clothes. (GC6A29)
  7. Trust your instincts. (GC111C)
  8. No, really. Trust your instincts. (GC111C)
  9. Gravity is a harsh mistress. (GCGBJ7)
  10. Be Prepared. . . with cache descriptions. (GC707, GC111C, GC973D, GC1A15)
  11. K-mart is not to place to buy your hiking boots. (GC608A)
  12. Gore-Tex Rocks! (GC6094)
  13. Hydrate or die. (GCG574)

Travel Bugs

I.K.V. ghew wamwI'
Mission: to seek out travel bug U.S.S. Enterprise (TBC27)

Mission: Serve up two-fisted justice against the forces of Eeeeeeevil!

Tea Brick
Mission: Gather Colonial America and Revolutionary War history.

Return of the King
Mission: Visit landmarks destroyed by Godzilla.

Fire Rodan
Mission: Travel wreaking righteous devistation.

Mission: Travel and avoidance of erosive forces.

Placed Caches
Uneven Pavement (GCB7D3) : A virtual cache at the University of Pittsburgh. For those who want to cheat or confirm that they were in the right place, click the following links:
The view from Hillman The view from the Cathedral
Four Mile Run (GCGFEM) : A Micro-cache in Schenley Park. (ARCHIVED)
The Missing Eight Grand (GCGZCA) : A traditional cache in Castle Shannon.
Paths of the Dead (Boots) (GCMWGM) : A scenic cache along the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail.
Wymp's Gap Fossil Quarry (GCNX5V) : Dig for Mississippian Period fossils along the Allegheny Highlands Trail.
Sunken R'lyeh (GCHPL) : A 5/5 cache that man was not meant to find.

GeoSnapper Photo Albums
  • Pittsburgh Historic Landmarks
  • Ordinance About
  • Youghiogheny River Trail
  • Allegheny Highlands Trail
  • C&O Canal Towpath
  • The War for Empire

  • Kordite's LocalHikes.com Trail Reports

    Photos of Kordite in his natural environment.
    Geocaching in the dark. (GCB02B)
    Playing troll under a bridge. (GC36E7)
    Great Allegheny Passage odyssey (2003). (GCC155)
    Checking his PDA at Point Lookout, NY. (GC3D5)
    The Goon. (GCG0CN)
    Youghatomic odyssey (2004). (GCHYY5)
    Scouting a new cache along the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail.
    At Devil's Den, Gettysburgh NMP.
    On a mountain bike hazard.
    At Port Royal Tufa. (GCQMJ5)
    Upper Yough Trek overlook. (GCH643)
    Cave beneath Coopers Rock. (GCXED0)

    Haiku : Outdoor adventures in seventeen syllables.

    Disorganized Member of TRIGO : Three Rivers Informal Geocaching Organization : Check Us Out!

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