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House Rules

Custom Characters

Some players are really intent on having just the character they want. More often than not, they typecast themselves into the same sort of character they played last time. If you, as a Ninja Burger Manager, don't mind this sort of thing you can allow players to customize their characters.

Have the players roll 12d6 and divide these points between their 4 stats any way they want so long as no stat is below 3 or higher than 18.

For skill mastery, have the players roll 4 dice and allow them to choose which of the dice are for which skill catagory.

Allow characters to choose their clan.

Recovered Honor

Let's face it, Ninja Burger is not geared for long-term campaigns. The high body count is one reason for this but declining honor can take its toll.

To recover lost honor, a Ninja must complete a mission without having incurred any honor loss during that mission. For that, he recovers 1 point of honor.

Failing a Dishonor Check reduces the maximum honor of a Ninja by one. For example, Kunitaro has made a few mistakes and his honor level is currently at 7. He goofs up again, looses an honor point and then fails his Dishonor roll. Thereafter, no matter how many missions he completes, he will never be able to earn his honor any higher than 9. He is permanently shamed.

Potential Customers

Everyone is a potential customer. Therefore, you may only kill if it is absolutely necessary to the mission. If a guard is shooting a you, go ahead and knife him but if he's sitting at his desk eating a donut, leave him alone. In fact, leave him a Ninja Burger menu (without being seen) and he might order a Ninja Burger instead of filling himself up at the Mistress Donut.

Being seen by a Potential Customer will loose you an honor point, just like being seen by a Customer. However, you can avoid this penalty by recognizing you have been seen, kneeling before the Potential Customer, presenting said Potential Customer with a Ninja Burger menu and saying "Next time, honorable customer, consider a hot and tasty Ninja Burger" or some other marketing line. The Ninja Burger Manager will judge your presentation on creativiy and effectiveness (perhaps having you make a Kyojitsu Tenkan Ho skill roll) and then decide whether our performance has saved you from dishonor.


In the basic rules, a weapon does a certain number of points. For example, a knife does 4 points. But, any ninja knows that The Amazing Ginsu, properly applied to someone's throat, will kill him no matter who he is. This house rule is to address the ninja sneaking up on someone and killing them quickly.

To assassinate someone, that is to kill with a single attack, the ninja must first succeed with a Shinobi Iri skill and actually sneak up on the target (This is not applicable to thrown weapons). In the same round, the ninja must also make a successful Jutsu attack roll. Remember, the ninja is doing at least two actions here so the difficulty is increased one die for both those actions. If both these actions are successful, then the attack does double damage. (Or perhaps triple or some other leveling of damage to quickly kill the victim. More playtesting is required).

Killing someone this way risks the victim screaming before his spirit leaves his body. A second Shinobi Iri roll would be needed to ensure that the victim dies silently (and that would be yet another difficulty die added to each action).

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