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The second house rule listed in NB:TRPG (pg.18) states that if your ninja dies you can get back in on the game quickly by composing and reciting a haiku. I am barely fluent in my native language, let alone trying to compose poetry on the fly, so I've composed a few in advance just in case I need them. It's best to use these as a guide rather than using them in your own games because if your Ninja Manager feels your just taking someone elses work he may decide to take precipitous action for your dishonor.

My mask was too small
Could not see my enemies
Zatoichi laughs

Problem customer
Must refrain from gutting him
You want fries with that?

You will have cola
It's good enough for ninja
good enough for you

Many will enter
Yet there can be only one
Ninja survivor
--- a haiku for the Ninja Survivor contest

Children cry "Ninja!"
My pockets have many gifts
Shuriken for all.
--- a Ninja christmas haiku

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