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Kordite's Life and Career

What follows is a sampling of events from Kordite's life. Some occurences are relative to the Empire as a whole and are included to place Kordite's life in perspective.

Relevant Star Trek episode titles are noted, as are titles of short stories that have been written (or will be written) to cover the details of Kordite's career.

2343 1403:094 Kordite is born the second son of A'vidg, a designer of battle fortresses and space stations.
2352 1411 Kordite enters the Imperial Military Academy on Qo'noS.
2356 1415 As Kordite is preparing to graduate from the Academy and transfer for advanced training, he is assigned to act as host to the daughter of a Federation diplomat while she is visiting the Homeworld. ("Diplomatic Ties")
2358 1417 A computer system crash at the Imperial Military Academy wipes many student records, including Kordite's. No additional government records of Kordite's activities are recorded until 2365.
2361 1420 Kordite visits Earth. ("Diplomacy by Other Means")
2365 1423 Lt. Kordite is assigned as Intelligence Officer to the aging T-12 Assault Ship Dark Justice under the command of Kerge.
2365 1423 Kordite leads an away team to Kraol-34 iii near the Federation and Cardassian borders with orders to obtain the world as a durallium supply and strategic staging area. ("An Imbalance of Power")
2366 1424 The Dark Justice encounters a Romulan vessel attempting to masquerade as an Imperial ship. After the ship is boarded, Kordite discovers a deactivated Borg in the ship's hold. Kordite and Chief Interrogator Kehlt reactivate the Borg to gather intelligence. ("Stormbird")
2367 1425:233 Death of High Council Leader K'mpec. ("Reunion" [TNG])
2367 1426 Kordite kills Dark Justice First Officer Kul'Ro and disappears, apparently over a political difference concerning the selection of Gowron to lead the High Council. Kordite spends several months as a mercenary-privateer-assassin for hire. ("Circles of Fire")
2367 1426:089 Attempted assassination of Vagh, Governor of Krios. ("The Mind's Eye" [TNG]) Kordite may (or may not) have played a part.
2367 1426:091 The House of Duras recruits Kordite as they prepare to challenge Gowron's ascention to leadership of the High Council. His task is to act as counter-intelligence and set up smuggling routes from Romulan suppliers to the Duras forces. ("Circles of Fire")
2367 1426:123 Gowron ascends to the leadership of the High Council but is challenged by the House of Duras. The Council is split and civil war erupts. ("Redemption, Part 1" [TNG])
2368 1426:125 Kordite is at Beta Thoridor, surveying the damage caused to the supply depot by an attack from Gowron's forces. ("Circles of Fire")
2368 1426:149 Kordite captures a Vor'cha-class Attack Cruiser from the forces of Duras, preventing it from providing needed reinforcement after Romulan supplies are interdicted by a Federation blockade. Captain Kerge transfers his flag from the T-12 and this ship becomes the new Dark Justice. ("Circles of Fire")
2369 1427 Kordite is on Krios to deal with the continuing rebellion. ("Targets of Opportunity")
2371 1429:218 Kordite is on Federation station Deep Space Nine to gather intelligence on a visiting Romulan delegation.
2371 1429 A disguised Kordite travels to Cardassia to provide support for the overthrow of the Cardassian Government. Romulan interests are also active on Cardassia, as is a third party, perhaps Dominion influenced. These influences destabilize the government to the point where a fourth party is able to effect a coup. ("Cascade")
2371 1430:001 Imperial invasion of Cardassia and collapse of the Khitomer Accords. ("The Way of the Warrior" [DS9])
2372 Kordite returns to the Dark Justice and, under mysterious circumstances, takes command.
2372 1430 At a celebratory feast, Kordite has a 'dalliance' with an Admiral's consort. The Admiral challenges Kordite to a duel for his consort's honor. The Admiral wins. ("The Weapon of Choice")
2373 1431:145 Cardassia joins the Dominion.
2373 1431:273 Cardassian/Dominion forces take Federation station Deep Space Nine.
2374 1431 Kordite discovers his elder brother, Karm, in a Cardassian/Dominion prison. ("Sacrifices upon the Altar of Honor"
2374 1432:014 Federation station Deep Space Nine retaken.
2374 1432:240 Combined Federation/Romulan/Klingon invasion of Cardassian Union.

To establish a consistent dating system . . .
One Klingon Year (1 DIS) = 401.775 Terran Days = 344 Klingon Days + 1 Leap Day every 3 Years
One Klingon Day (sunrise to sunrise, 1 jaj) = 28 Terran Hours = 20 Klingon Hours
One Klingon Hour (1 rep) = 1.4 Terran Hours = 84 Terran Minutes

Imperial Date = (Terran Date - 799) / 1.1 : jaj = fractions x 344

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