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Kordite's Metal Things is a one man foundry and so can only make so many things and those that are appropriate to the art of casting. I offer this listing of places that resin pins, weapons and other accessories can be obtained. Tell 'em Kordite sent you. You won't get a discount but it will improve my reputation.
This list is not necessarily an endorsement of the following dealers but if I really had something against any one of these guys, I wouldn't list them.

QeyneH's Armory
Klingon weapons in aircraft grade aluminum, Acid etching, anodizing and custom orders.
Kenneth L. Hasty, 513-258-9067

Tosach zantai-Nua
CO of the IKV Kuhtun, Tosach produces wooden betleHmey and really cool betleH-shaped uniform hangers.

The Klingon Assault Group Official betleH Training Video
Presents a weapon kata repeatedly and from many different angles. VHS video is $23. betleH patterns are available for $5 to easily make practice weapons from 1/2 inch plywood.
David Hess, Box 57076 Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44222.

Pacific Warriors, Inc.
Publishers of "Secret Fighting Arts of the Warrior Race," a manual for the betleH weapon form. Far more intensive and step-by-step than the KAG Official Video. The book is $16+$3 S&H. Very fine production value. Three additional books were to be in the works, including meq'etlh, open-hand techniques and pairs practice forms.
P.O. Box 1410, Boulder Creek, CA 95006

UPDATE: By order of Paramount/Viacom, all copies in stock of this book were destroyed as Paramount claims exclusive use of the Klingon Language for all but private purposes. Too bad they're acting like such jerks. There may be a few copies still floating around out there, snatch them up if your see them before Paramount's Copyright Gestapo find out.

Golden Age Productions
Unfortunately, GAP's 'alien' line of weapons has been shut down by Viacom/Paramount's campaign against copyright infringement, trademark violations and their general attitude towards internet suppression.

Klingon weapons in steel and aluminum.
P.O. Box 49592, Atlanta, GA 30359 770-498-3667

Captain Mike
Klingon weapons in 1/2 inch plywood.

The Next Frontier Warrior's Outfitters
Uniforms and resin cast pins and medals. Their resin-work is of very fine quality with clean edges, no bubbles and smooth finish. Highly recommended.
4181 Potomac, Abilene, TX 79605 800-633-4314

qeylIn's: Uniforms for the Empire and Beyond. and The Imperial Headsman
Custom tailored uniforms, cloaks, sashes and bracers. They also do custom headpieces.
1830 Salem Ave. Dayton, OH 45406 937-277-1635

Artifacts by q'IDar
Custom crafted uniforms, jewelry and accessories. Her pins and medals have a rough but very attractive, handmade look.
1040 N. Third Ave. St. Charles, IL 60174 708-513-1636

IKV Crystal Dagger
This KAG ship produces Worf-type sash kits. For $25 you can do it yourself (it took me about three days) or for $50 they'll assemble it. When done it weighs just under 5 pounds. Impressive. They also have uniform and command cloak patterns.

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