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Medals and pins are perfect for casting in metal because so many of the Klingon-ralated pins you find out there to put on your uniform are made out of resin. Having broken several resin pins, I decided to start maling them out of metal.

Bracer Pins

The thin pins that go on the arm bracers were the first of my resin pins to break and so were the first to be redone in metal

TOS Sash Pin

First seen on Governor Kor's sash in the Original Series epidode "Errand of Mercy".

Naval Blade

Seen on the sash of the Amar Captain in the first motion picture.

Medal of Honor

As seen on the medal bestrewn great-cloak worn by High Council Leader K'Mpec and later by Chancellor Gowron.

High Council Service Medal

Worn on the collar of Chang.

House of Mogh

The line crest of the House of Mogh as worn by Worf.

Elbow Pin

Noticed on the left elbow of warriors.

Betor's Collar Pin

Small Trefoil

Command Board

Would be worn on the front of the command cloak.

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