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Kriegjournal #5

Summer 2001

On this particular game at Riverside Renegades we had some sizable teams and I was using my new Spyder Compact semi. Everyone ran off in several directions and I sort of hung back. I was going to find a spot to hide and wait but I got bored very quickly and decided to set off on my own. I took the bottom route, down a very steep cliff. There was a firefight going on across the gully at the base of the cliff so I made my way carefully hoping not to draw attention to myself. If I was seen, I would be caught out in the open with my only escape a 30 foot drop down the cliff face or and 8 foot drop off the side of the bridge.

I made it to the bottom without incident, carefully made it across the bridge and to the embankment on the other side. Directly ahead was a two-story fortress and I could see someone's feet. It would be a difficult shot. But, to my left there was an open bunker with another enemy soldier. His back was to me as he was engaging my comrades further up the hill.

I made the decision to move up to take the easy shot but not so close as to take fire from my allies. To do this would put me in nearly full view of the enemy soldier in the fortress. I hoped that I could take out the one before the other figured out what was going on.

I fired a few rounds at the guy at the bunker, scored a hit, and immediately turned and fired at the fortress as I scrambled to find some sort of cover. I snuck around the back of the fortress where there was a covered bridge and fully expected to take fire at the other end from the guy in the fortress.


I moved up a little and the fortress was empty. I suddenly saw someone a little up the hill. We exchanged a few rounds before we realized we were on the same team. Fortunately none of those shots connected. The guy from the fortress was around somewhere.

I moved up the path and saw an enemy troop attempting to hide in some brush. I don't know if he was the one from the fortress but an enemy is an enemy. I fire a few rounds. He went for cover and then, finding the cover inadequate, tried to make a run across the path for better cover. I nailed him as he runs across the open.

The enemy flag position was now up a fairly steep hill. I worke my way up expecting to take fire at any moment this close to the flag. I got to the top and found the flag totally unprotected. But I was winded by my climb and stand there trying to catch my breath.

I grabed the flag and dreaded moving back down the hill only to have to climb that cliff again. I didn't know where any of my teammates were. The ones I had met down at the fortress were not following me. They were probably slogging their way straight up the hill. I didn't think I had time to swing back the way I came so I decided to proceed up along the top of the hill. I figured that if I came upon any enemy troops, I would be behind them.

I went a few steps and immediately came under a barrage of fire. I took several shots to the chest and threw myself backwards. I hit the ground hard and scrambled back, still taking fire. A ref nearby was saying that I was clean, that she couldn't see paint, but I had hit a rock or branch on impact and was hurting, ready to just call myself anyway. I was thankful to find paint on my leg and so called myself out, returning the enemy flag to it's position.

I limped off the field. -- Revised: 27 May 2002
Copyright © 2002 Kevin A. Geiselman