Haiku : Outdoor Adventures in Seventeen Syllables

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Difficulty five
But I did not believe it
Gravity is harsh

Hikes four miles to cache
Got within five hundred feet
Batteries go dead

Forgot to wear Deet
Mosquitos suck all my blood
Now a shrivled husk

Heard my girlfriend say
"Deet is my favorite fragrence"
She truly loves me.

Near a county club
The box overflows with spheres
Golf balls are cache trash

Cannot become lost
I now have a GPS
Just made a wrong turn

Interesting question
But I've heard it all before
You've just been Markwelled

Yes, I'm an adult
But I still buy Happy Meals
Just for the McToys

Hang my head in shame
But I though micros were cool
Questmaster taunts me

I don't believe it
Microcache at a gas pump
Archive this piece of . . .

Wildly waving arms
I do the mosquito dance
Hopping leg to leg.

Burned out cars in the woods.
Tire tracks outnumber deer tracks.
Fayette Cong, indeed!

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