The Unofficial Official TRI-GO Stuff Website has Signal the Frog as its Official Mascot and they have an official logo so why shouldn't we have some "official" stuff, too?

TRI-GO Official Logo

We haven't decided yet on an official logo, though VaxCave has given us a stack of choices. The voting was evenly divided so anarchy reigns. In point of fact, given the disorganized nature of TRI-GO, they can all be as official as anything else. Feel free to use whichever logo you like.

Team Vaxcave has also written code for Tri-Go Advertising Banners you can add to your cache pages or other web sites. Visit

Fido surfs
Fido rides a bike.
Kordite and Fido.
The Secret Gesture.
TRI-GO Official Mascot

Fido, our very own Chibi-Thing Pokéthulhu. It's like the soul-swallowing, insanity inducing, eldrich gibbering monstrosities of H.P.Lovecraft's deluded nightmares. . . only cute. We're not sure whether it's male, female or some hyperdimensional combination of genders but we think it's probably better that we don't know.

Do you want your own Chibi-Thing? Rather than traveling to the Mountains of Madness, you can order them online at

Download the Pokéthulhu RPG, 3rd edition at

TRI-GO Official Restaurant

Pechin's Cafeteria, Pechin Dunbar, PA (N39° 57.950', W79° 37.030')

This fine establishment has been recognized by the National Enquirer as being the cheapest. Even in 1990, a hamburger cost 19 cents and you could feed four people dinner for $2.54. Pechin's takes the cake on Mondays when its senior citizen discount meals are free. The interior and exterior of this place demonstrate a wide range of architectural wonders including a dentist's door, numerous odd tiles on the floor and many unmatched tables and chairs.

TRI-GO Official Beverage

Frank's Quality Kraut Juice

Tart. Refreshing. And non-carbinated so the bubbles won't slow you down.

TRI-GO Official Coat

Scott E-Vest

It has literally dozens of pockets all cleverly concealed so you don't look like a dork. There are holes in each pocket and cable runs so you can have the laptop in the back pocket connected to your GPS in a front pocket.

And, they have it modeled by Playboy's Miss August 1999, Rebecca Scott. Click here to go straight to that page. Perhaps we could get her to pose with a GPSr.

TRI-GO Official Perfume


N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide (C12H17NO), is a broad spectrum insect repellent developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 1946. This sexy fragrance tells a potential mate that you are outdoorsy, well prepared and free of parasites.

TRI-GO Official Coffee

Questmaster's Custom Blend

The fossilized tar residue of ancient pre-coffee is chipped from the inner linings of fragments of Etruscan urns. These thin shards of beanthracite are placed in layers into an approximately empty paint can. Poured over the sedimentary deposits is a milky colloid natives to the New Jersey swamps call "water". This specially trucked-in fluid must be heated first over the engine block of the Mighty Colt, as it is much too viscous at room temperature to pour quickly. For that special "Juan Valdez" authenticity, Questmaster likes to add a biscuit-sized plug of hardened donkey dung. The can is placed atop a pile of medium-sized burning tires. Like anything worthwhile, the trick here is in the slow cookin'. If you require cream, Questmaster has a Guatemalan wet nurse on hand to assist you.

Marshall's Jeep
TRI-GO Official Vehicle

As with many of TRI-GO's official things, this is a choice that has yet to be determined. It could be Marshall's go-anywhere Jeep or Questmaster's been everywhere Mighty Colt.

The Mighty Colt

TRI-GO Official Footwear

Nike Trigo

The athletic shoe so good it has our name on it. It's light with tennis-shoe styling for those urban micros with aggressive treads for those Questmaster mountain climbs. If we were more organized, we'd send our bat-wielding "associates" to collect a tribute from Nike for using out name on their shoes.

TRI-GO Official Irritation Advisory

The Ministry of Cache Quality is responsible for assessing the merits of the area's geocaches and takes the lead in evaluating these aspects and coordinating with other national, state and local cachers to ensure the very highest quality geocaching experience.

The Ministry encourages individuals to report information concerning lame, crappy or otherwise poor hides to TRI-GO.

TRI-GO Official Artillery

The Potato Cannon (catapultae solanum tuberosum)

Visit The Spudgun Technology Center for more information.

TRI-GO Official Transitive Verb

appenge (-pnj)
tr.v. ap·peng·ed, ap·peng·ing

1. To censor or exclude.
2. Used in the imperative as a signal of angry dismissal.

SEE ALSO: Appenger; one who appenges.

TRI-GO Official Arch Nemesis

Pittsburgh Area Geocachers Association

Every superhero needs an evil arch-villain. Or perhaps we are the super villains in this story. Anyone who has been about the Tri-Go message boards has noticed a distinct dislike for "lame urban micros." In 2005, there was a schism as a number of micro-supporters (mostly from "up north" where micros are much more prevalent) split off and formed their own group, claiming to be "tolerant of ALL styles of geocaching." The chasm deepened as a number of Tri-Go members who attempted to join their group were thrown off the list for daring to voice their opinions. (Apparently, voicing anything negative was considered "flaming") Other Tri-Go members were never allowed to join based on reputation alone.

Some Tri-Go members have unofficially taken to referring to PAGA members as "Pagans" but this is insulting to Wiccans, animists and other polytheists and its use is not encouraged. We have no idea how PAGA referrs to Tri-Go members because we aren't allowed on their list but it probably isn't suppotive, positive or constructive.

PAGA -- Revised: 8 January 2005
Copyright © 2003-2006 Kevin A. Geiselman