History of House Tasighor

Line Tasighor (taSIghor tuq) is a modest house with its foundations in the earliest days of colonial expansion. In those times, the family excelled in positions as overlords, enforcers and disciplinarians on newly acquired worlds, finding glory in tasks that other warriors overlooked.

The name Tasighor comes from a dialect root word meaning 'to whip,' in reference to the line's characteristic methods. Linguists will find elements of taSIghor in the modern Klingon verbs ta' (accomplish) and SIgh (influence). The dialectical 'to whip' would derive from a literal noun form 'that which accomplishes influence' or 'motivator.' A loose, and perhaps more appropriate, translation of taSIghor would be 'that guy with the whip.'

In the modern Klingon Empire, Line Tasighor continues its service in duties most tuned to its members talents and attitudes such as security, intelligence, interrogation, assassination, morale and education.

The line's motto: choSuvchugh 'oy'lIj Daghur neH, "Struggling only makes it hurt more."

[Line motto]

House Tasighor is open to all Klingons, regardless of fan club affiliation. For adoption consideration, send an e-mail to with who you are and what you do (both in "real life" and in Klindom) and a brief but explanatory essay detailing how the Empire and Line Tasighor would benefit from having you as a member.

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