ELINT Fleet Rules and Guidelines

The Klingon Assault Group has only five absolute rules:
  1. Have Fun!
  2. Make NO peace treaties or alliances.
  3. No "live" steel (i.e. do NOT draw real weapons in public!)
  4. Do not embarrass KAG.
  5. The Thought Admiral makes the rules.

Everything else are considered Guidelines and are adhered to at the Ship Captain's discression. The ELINT Fleet Commander is currently building a file with the general KAG guidelines that will be available for download. Watch this space for further developments.

Because cyberspace is a unique medium apart from standardly recognized concepts of reality, the KAG guidelines within the ELINT Fleet have some variations. Also, as ELINT Commander, I have been given the "broadest possible latitude" in how I am to administer the ELINT Fleet. Therefore, all the following guidelines are open to interpretation and if you have any better ideas, by all means, let me know.

Ranks and Honorifics

The ELINT Fleet is a part of KAG so all the rules regarding rank and promotion apply with an exception: A uniform is not required to obtain the first officer rank; Lieutenant JG. Instead, an 'E' is appended to the rank (Lt.J.G.-(E) or E-Lt.J.G.) to indicate the crewman is an un-uniformed but still vital and active member of the ELINT Fleet. Of course, if the ELINT crewman gets a uniform then the 'E' goes away. The newest members, merely by filling out the application, receive the rank of E-Sergeant (or lower enlisted ranks if they are young). Show an interest and participate and, wham!, promoted to E-Lt.J.G. After that it's up to you.

The information I was given says that ELINT uses Marine ranks. My opinion is,if you want to use the Naval ranks then that's fine with me. In fact, I also want to incorporate the 'Homeworld' concept, utilizing civilian operatives.

It is considered bad form to go to your superiors and ask for a promotion. If he thinks you are deserving, he will have you promoted. Show him the good work you're doing and you are likely to be rewarded. If you think a comrade is worthy of promotion, recommend him to his superior or, if you think your CO is doing an exceptional job, send kudos to the ELINT Commander (that's me).

Characters rank in an interactive fiction project or an RPG is separate from KAG's ELINT rank, although being active in online RPGs can earn ELINT promotions.

Chain of Command

ELINT crews report to the ship's CO, the CO reports to the ELINT Commander, the ELINT Cmdr. reports to the Cyberspace Patrol Commander, and the CSP Cmdr. reports to the Thought Admiral. That's the official pyramid scheme. Promotions and such should follow the official channels but, of course, my e-mail box is always open to discuss anything and the CoC should never get in the way of having fun (KAG's number one rule).


Just as in the rest of KAG, 5 crewmembers are required to start a ship. A good foundation for a crew is around a similar interest or "hang out." Clan Sto-Vo-Kor is a prime example. They play Quake over the internet as a team, so to be considered an ELINT ship was natural. Forming an interactive fiction, RPG or other gaming group is also a good foundation for a ship. Space Station

In the past, there was some bias against having stationary platforms; starbases and the like. The KAG Naval tradition was in ships. Well, the development of Homeworld and the broadening of KAG as a whole has lead me to declare that stationary platforms are acceptable in the ELINT Fleet. Listening stations and intelligence gathering platforms are welcome. As are colonies, outposts and even clans. Be creative but think about something designed around the intelligence gathering community. For example; the ELINT Command Staff based at an Einstein focus intelligence gathering station (but I don't have 4 other staff people yet. Any volunteers?)

Ship (or whatever) names have to be approved by KAG Command. Use the resource of the Internet to make sure someone else doesn't already have the name you want. Try to avoid names with Blood, Dark, Death and Shadow. We have enough of those already.


The persona is an integral part of Klingon fandom. We are, after all, really humans playing at being Klingon. Here are some suggestions on doing that:

Don't use a name from the TV shows, movies or books.

Try to avoid a name someone else has already chosen. You don't want to be associated with someone elses mistakes or have someone else take credit for your successes. Search the Internet to see if a particular name is already taken.

A personal opinion: don't use the tlhIngan Hol orthography. The changing upper and lower cases and the glottal stops ensure that people will misspell and mispronounce your name. You want others to remember your name, not be confused by it. For example, using the tlhIngan Hol, my name is qordayt. Everyone knows me as Kordite.

Be careful when using your persona. Over the computer it is difficult to tell the difference between someone who is play-acting at being an insulting and belligerent Klingon and someone who is actually insulting and belligerent. Use the 'emoticon' }};-) or some other tag *grin* to let people know when you're not being serious.

Fictional backstories can be fun but people will remember you for who you are and what you have done, not for what your persona has done in the fictional Star Trek universe. Save backstories for works of fiction and drama, not for introductions

Well, that's all I have to say for now. If your still interested in being a part of KAG's ELINT Fleet, contact an ELINT Ship CO or myself. If you have any comments or suggestions, do not hesitate to let them be known.


ELINT Fleet Commander

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