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'Iw tujvetlh tach - Hot Blood Bar
SajQa', CO of the Sharp Justice, also maintains this chat room. There is no set schedule but if you drop by, chances are good that someone will be there or happen along.
The Warrior's Inn
After a long absence, the Warrior's Inn chatroom is again open for business.
Klingon Language Institute Training MUSH
The Klingon Language Institute has a place for the on-line discussion and practice of the Klingon language.
Regular Meeting:
Last Saturday of each month, 1-3pm Central Time
Klingon Imperial Weapons Guild
The Klingon Imperial Weapons Guild is devoted to the fine art of Klingon weapon making and has recently moved their chats and discussion group to Yahoo.
Regular Meeting:
Third Saturday of each month, 8pm Central Time
Spirit of Kronos's Klingon Language Chat
A place to learn and practice tlhIngan Hol

Mailing Lists and Discussion Groups
ELINT Fleet Mailing List
[A KAG Sponsored Activity]This is the place to be a part of KAG's ELINT Fleet. To join, send a message with "subscribe elintfleet" in the body to majordomo@listserve.kaguse.org.
E-Corps Mailing List
[A KAG Sponsored Activity]KAG's E-Corp is the place to talk about the mechanics of operating in cyberspace. Subscribers discuss website coding and design, computer hardware and software, and just about anything else they choose to. Subscribe to the list by sending e-mail with SUBSCRIBE ECORPS as the body of the message.
KAG Counsel Mailing List
[A KAG Sponsored Activity]The Counsel is open to all KAG members who wish to discuss (and perhaps debate) the organization and operation of KAG. Leadership, accountability, fairness, and command are just some of the sometimes heated discussion topics. Subscribe to the list by sending e-mail with SUBSCRIBE KAGCOUNSEL as the body of the message. Warning: Here there be politics.
Demon Fleet Mailing List
[A KAG Sponsored Activity]KAG's Demon Fleet are a bunch of antidisestablishmentarian pirates and they gather on this mailing list to discuss freedom, anarchy and sex (though not necessarily in that order).
Usenet Newsgroup: alt.startrek.klingon This newsgroup should be awash with Klingons and Klingon discussions but the pickings are actually kind of sparse. Anyone want to lead an ELINT Fleet patrol to Usenet?
Klingon Warriors Mailing List
Captain Ka'Vid of the IKV Blood Sword (KLAS) maintains a list for the discussion of all things Klingon, regardless of club affiliation.

On-Line Games
Clan Sto-Vo-Kor
A Quake clan that gets together to play Quake and Quake2 against other teams.
Clan Pok
Another Quake Clan.
Soldiers of the Quake Empire
Not strictly a game-playing site but there are many Klingon skins to be imported into Quake2 for Deathmatch play. (Shameless plug brought to you by the ELINT Fleet Commander.)
The Authorized Klin Zha Homepage
The Klin Zha site has several methods for playing the game on-line including e-mail coordinates and a Tcl board that interacts in real time. There is also a chat room for coordinating games. (Another shameless plug)
Starfleet Academy Romulans and Feddies each have a "fleet" on Heat.net for playing Interplay's "Starfleet Academy". Is there anyone with any interest in starting a Klingon fleet or otherwise playing over the internet?
Klingon Academy The Interplay game "Klingon Academy" is due out this summer. I would hope that we could set up fleets to compete over the Internet. You can download the demo version. ka_demo.exe (84.2Mb)
Starfleet Command Based on the venerable Star Fleet Battles, Interplay's "Starfleet Command" is ship-to-ship combat that demands a Klingon presence.

Interactive Fiction, RPGs
WBS Klingon Empire
[A KAG Sponsored Activity]ELINT member K'Teak administers a chat room RPG.
Klingon Defense Force Sim Group
[A KAG Sponsored Activity]Kilmarac administers and commands both the the KDF heghQib (Death Shadow) and IKV qIj So' (Black Cloak) online sims.
Regular Meeting:
Every Tuesday, 9:30 Eastern Time
at channel #heghqib
IKV Punisher PBeM
[A KAG Sponsored Activity] Demon Fleet member Nu'roq of the House of Darnagh administers this Play by E-mail game.
irc.starchat.net Port 6667 #QInwIH
[A KAG Sponsored Activity] Demon Fleet member Soghlagh hosts this Klingon SIM.
Regular Meeting:
Every Sunday, 9:30pm Eastern Time
The Duras Sister's Alien Pub of Sin
An ongoing, tag-team storyline with the potential for adult themes.
TrekMUSH Klingon Empire
Klingon Imperial Simming Organization
A DALnet based IRC sim. There is also an e-mail sim.

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