KAG Rules & Guidelines

KAG has flourished for over a decade now. It's success is largely due to the simplicity of its rules and how they universally apply to all members.

KAG's Five Basic Rules
  1. Have Fun!
  2. No Live Steel!
  3. No treaties or Alliances!
  4. Do not Embarrass KAG!
  5. The Thought Admiral makes the Rules!

  1. Have Fun! - Simply stated, if you're not having a good time, you're not doing it right. KAG is primarily a social group and if we're all enjoying what we're doing with one another then KAG can be said to be healthy

  2. No Live Steel! - The brandishing of real weapons in public is strictly forbidden. Such irresponsible behavior not only invites accidents but also defies the spirit of consentual play. Someone stuck with a sword is not having fun (see Rule #1) and, being hauled off to jail or thrown out of a con for violating a weapon policy is also not fun.

  3. No treaties or Alliances! - One should never commit their portion of KAG, or the club itself, to contractual obligations.

  4. Do not Embarrass KAG! - Members should not behave in a manner that dishonors or misrepresents our club. Don't speak on behalf of (or misrepresent) more than your authority. Don't commit crimes while in uniform. (Hey! Just don't commit crimes, period.)

  5. The Thought Admiral makes the Rules! - This is not a club for rule makers and bureaucratic architects. Our founder, Thought Admiral Kris epetai-Kurkura, made the wise decision that there would be only five hard-and-fast rules and anything more would muddle things up. This rule protects the club from the unnecessary bureaucracy it despises, and keeps the premise of membership very simple.


Ranks and Honorifics
Ranks are used within KAG as symbols of accomplishment. But they are not be-alls and end-alls. The rank does not make the warrior, it is the other way around. This information describes the general guidelines associated with the rank and honorific system used by KAG.
KAG was founded on the military model and so a good deal of emphasis has been placed on rank but, over the years, there has been what might be described as a "civilian" movement. These are members of KAG society who are not in the military arm: craftsmen, priests, ambassadors and the odd anarchist. Those aboard the Dark Justice (or those associated with the Dark Justice) are welcome to NOT be part of the military and the command staff will do their best to ensure that non-military service is appropriately honored and respected.
A part of that respect is the honorific. Introduced by John Ford in "The Final Reflection". Honorifics go before one's line name to denote one's standing within the family. In KAG, that roughly follows one's military career and, in many cases, is used to "fine tune" ranks. Honorifics are not canon, by the way.

Enlisted Ranks
On joining KAG, one is given an enlisted rank based on age. Officer rank is awarded to those over 18 who have obtained a uniform. Those under 18 are generally not given officer rank even if they have a uniform (as they are under age). Enlisted ranks carry no honorifics except perhaps zan, comparable to the Terran use of the word "mister."
Cadet - KAG members under the age of 10. Uniformed or not.
Lance Corporal - This rank is awarded to new members between the ages of 10 and 14.
Corporal - This rank awarded to new members between the ages of 15 and 18.
Sergeant - This rank is awarded to new members who are 18 or older

Lieutenant Junior Grade (Marine Lieutenant) - Awarded to newly uniformed officers. Lt.J.G. carries with it the honorific tai-.
Lieutenant (Marine Captain) - Awarded to active officers. Lt. carries with it the honorific tai-.
Senior Lieutenant - This is something of an intermediary rank for one who has performed honorable service but does not yet lead a department. It carries the honorific vestai-.
Lieutenant Commander (Marine Major) - Awarded to active members with good leadership skills. Likely to command a ship's department. It carries the honorific vestai-.
Commander (Marine Lt. Colonel) - These ranks are awarded to very active members with proven leadership skills. Ship COs are often of Commander rank at least. It carries with it the honorific of vestai- or sutai-.
Captain (Marine Colonel) - These ranks are awarded to highly active members with long proven records of leadership. Many of KAG's division and fleet commanders hold this rank which is accompanied with the honorific sutai- or zantai-.
Admiral (Marine General) - These ranks are awarded to officers who have gone to great lengths to further KAG's cause and have long and outstanding records of leadership. There are only a handful of Admirals and most of them have been with KAG since its foundation. It is accompanied with the honorific of zantai- and those Admirals who lead lead Great Houses may have the honorific of epetai-.
Thought-Admiral - This rank is awarded to those granted the singular honor of leading KAG. There can be only one serving Thought-Admiral at any one time although those who have retired from the position retain their rank. The Thought-Admiral is also often referred to as "The Epetai".

To be "uniformed" one must be identifiably Klingon. This can be the "Classic" uniform from the Original Series which involves in it's most basic form a black turtleneck, black pants and a gold or silver "T" vest. These are very easy to make. The other uniform is the so-called "Imperial" uniform seen in the movies and TNG, DS9, or Voyager. Thirdly, there is "Civilian" garb. These are more difficult to make identifiably Klingon and the inclusion of a trefoil pin or a sash just isn't enough. But, if you add to that a ridged forehead prosthetic, that will generally do.

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