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Choosing a Klingon name can follow several different formats. The traditional is the "begin with a K" method used in the original series. Kor, Kang, Koloth, Kras, Kruge, these are traditional Klingon names.

"The Final Reflection" and FASA introduced a naming convention based on service. Klingons were given all sorts of names when they were born but when they began their true service to the Empire, they changed their names. Those in the navy began with the K (Krenn, Kelly), those in the marines began with an M (Merzhan, Maltz) and those in administrative and support positions, scientists and the like, began with an A.

"The Next Generation" has not followed any real naming convention except to have a few traditional K-beginning names and to like a lot of apostrophes inserted for no apparent reason.

And lastly, fandom has taken to using the tlhIngan Hol orthography of Marc Okrand to build names that mean something using the Klingon dictionary.

If you're having difficulty choosing a Klingon name, download the shareware software at the Everchanging Book of Names and also the file trekebn.zip (4 kb). This program will generate names based on a sophisticated statistical analysis of a list of already existing names. Unfortunately, to use my databases in EBON, you'll have to drop a few bucks and register the software.

Family Lines

In both the FASA universe and "The Next Generation", family lines are the foundation of the Empire. So to is it in Klingon Fandom where there are many Houses that provide support to their members.

You may choose to join an existing House or found one of your own. The Dark Justice has several modest Houses represented. Get to know the members of a House before applying for adoption.

Klingon Language

Costumes and Makeup


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