History of the IKV Dark Justice

A Brief History of the Dark Justice
The ship that was to bear the name Dark Justice was constructed in the Terran year 2286, one of the last of the T-12 Assault ships. After the destruction of Praxis in 2293, labor intensive ships such as the T-12 were deemed too expensive to operate. And, with the improving relations between the Empire and the Federation, the need for Assault craft was lessened. Many were mothballed or dismantled. The rest were given over to Line fleets to act as cargo carriers.

In 2360, with the Klingon economy much improved and the Empire again flexing its military muscles, many older vessels were re-commissioned. Commander Kerge of the House of Ta'chookma was given command of a T-12 Assault ship and he christened it the Dark Justice in honor of a household tradition that settled disputes with the help of a poisonous serpent.

In 2366, a Romulan Stormbird on patrol had encountered and pursued a Borg scout craft through a transwarp subspace conduit. The conduit exited into Imperial space, where the Borg craft unexpectedly encountered an asteroid and crashed. The pursuing Stormbird survived the passage through the conduit but was severely damaged. The Romulans collected up what they could, including a surviving Borg, and limped back towards Romulan space, hoping to bluff their way past any Klingon patrols.

The Dark Justice was not fooled by the Stormbird's masquerade as a D-7 and with overwhelming boarding parties captured the ship and all it's contents. This creature was severed from the Collective by Intelligence Officer Kordite and Chief Interrogator Kehlt and integrated into ships systems.

In 2367, shortly after the death of High Council Leader K'mpec, Kordite assassinates Executive Officer Ku'Ro and flees the Empire.

When the House of Duras challenges the ascension of Gowron to lead the High Council, the Dark Justice fights with the Imperial forces, suffering heavy losses against a Duras ambush at Beta Thoridor.

At just the time in early 2368 when Federation forces are intervening in a blockade along the Romulan border, the Dark Justice receives information that a Vor'cha-class Attack Cruiser, believed destroyed in drydock early in the conflict, had actually been secreted away by the House of Duras and was preparing to enter service as the most powerful ship in the Duras arsenal. The Dark Justice, though an antiquated ship, was able to capture the vessel with the assistance of Kordite, who under the direct orders of Gowron, had infiltrated the House of Duras.

Though the century-old ship was destroyed that day, the banner was transferred to the new vessel. Kordite was given full sanction for his actions by High Council Leader Gowron and returned to the new Dark Justice.

In 2371, Captain Kerge left the Dark Justice to be succeeded in command by Executive Officer SIS Hegh. Rumors abound concerning this change of command but nothing was ever confirmed.

In 2372, the Dark Justice served in the spearhead forces during the Cardassian Invasion, driving nearly to the Cardassian homeworld. When an agreement with the Federation pulls the fleet back from the Cardassian core worlds, Commander Kordite, returning from a secret intelligence mission within Cardassian space, assumes command of the Dark Justice with SIS Hegh returning to his position as Executive Officer. Again, the details of this arrangement remain shrouded in mystery.

The Dark Justice served honorably through many battles over the next three years against the combined Cardassian/Dominion axis.

Fan Club History
The Dark Justice was founded in 1991 and over the years, crewmembers have participated in varied events including; volunteering at the Carnegie Science Center for the Star Trek: Federation Science exhibit, movie premiere promotions, parades and weddings.

Charities and Organizations Supported

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